Best Practice Series: Managing Online & Social Media Reputation

Digital and social media provide unparalleled opportunities for organisations to connect and engage effectively and at low cost with customers and other stakeholders, and plays a critical role in shaping perceptions and behavior, both online and offline.

But many organisations continue to grapple with the challenges and risks inherent in today’s open communications culture as they manage their online reputations in a piecemeal and reactive manner, often limiting online reputation management to limiting the visibility of negative search results.

In an environment that places a premium on openness and honesty, how can companies ensure their employees don’t damage the brand? How do you limit potential online fall-out from frustrated customers? How do you develop marketing and social media campaigns that won’t backfire? Who should own a company’s online reputation and where should it fit?


How will I benefit & what will I learn?

  • Understand the broad range of online reputation drivers facing companies
  • Examine key trends and case studies both locally & globally
  • The major reputational vulnerabilities and opportunities facing organisations today and how they can be identified, assessed and prioritised
  • How to assess, manage an measure online reputation, conversation (including negative discussions)
  • The key principles of online reputation management
  • How to develop an online reputation strategy that is aligned with your business and communications goals and incorporates key operational, behavioural and informational safeguards
  • Core external online reputation management tools and techniques, including managing digital stakeholders, containing negative conversations, improving search engine results and managing online brand identity and hijacks
  • How to build strong relationships and trust with bloggers and online opinion-formers.
  • How to plan social media campaigns that won’t backfire & limite online risks
  • The critical role of employee engagement in minimizing external online reputation risks
  • Regulatory compliance and trends governing digital marketing and social media

Source: Econsultancy

Copenhagen INK

Lars is Google’s Head of Marketing across Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. With nearly two decades of international experience in the Internet and media industry, his passion lies at the intersection of technology and marketing. His career spans across the globe - from Europe to the emerging markets in Asia - from early stage start-ups to large organizations, providing him with an in-depth understanding of marketing, sales and business development across cultures and industries. In his current role he is responsible for local B2B and B2C brand and product marketing across all Google and Youtube services and devices.

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