Adform launches programmatic audio ads for Spotify

Adform, the independent and open full-stack ad-tech platform, continues to grow its omni-channel position by working with companies such as Rubicon Project. These partnerships give Adform buyer clients access to additional inventory, in this case programmatic audio ads, now available through the Adform Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Adform’s buyer clients can now purchase 15- or 30-second Spotify audio ads programmatically through Rubicon Project’s technology platform, targeting Spotify’s free listeners in real time via Adform’s DSP.

Spotify is available in 60 markets around the world, reaching over 70 million non-paying listeners across over 2 billion playlists. The streaming service uses first-party data to offer advertisers a wide range of audience segments to deliver the right message across desktop and mobile devices based on a consumer’s age, gender, music genre, and personalized playlists.

The combination of Spotify’s deterministic data, Rubicon Project’s premium marketplace, and Adform’s targeting capabilities allows advertisers to target relevant listeners with a personal brand experience. This is all executable in real time with precise ad frequency for maximum potency. In terms of measurement and campaign reporting, Adform can track ads’ completion rates as well as pause and mute events alongside standard analysis.

“Advertising does not get more personal than this. More consumers are streaming music than ever before, with some markets, like the United States, growing 50 per cent. Mobile phones have become the default device for enjoying music. Advertisers can take full advantage of using audio ads to effectively reach listeners with a relevant, personalised brand experience, even if they aren’t actively looking at the screen. Adform’s support for programmatic audio ads reflects our cross-channel programmatic buying platform vision, which encompasses display, mobile, native, video, DOOH, print, and now audio,” stated Jurjen de Wal, Product Director at Adform.

“The ability to purchase Spotify ads programmatically via Adform is great news and another sign that publishers are opening their inventory to programmatic. This highlights the speed at which the industry is progressing towards an omni-channel, consumer-centric attitude that allows enhanced brand experiences through the use of more targeted creative and messaging alignment. Reporting becomes increasingly valuable as a result of further actionable insights, as it incorporates more and more mediums and screens and thus we need to spend the time analysing the effectiveness. Adform has got programmatic audio, so now the focus needs to be more programmatic TV and DOOH – 2017 is set to be an exciting year for Adform, and ad tech in general,” said Samir Shah, Head of Data and Ad Tech at Zenith Media.

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