35 + 1 Cool Augmented Reality Examples

Just saw this great blog post over at Bannerblog:

If it wasn’t for Twitter and social media as a whole grabbing all the headlines Augmented Reality would be the most talked about “technology” of 2008/2009.

While the roots of the technology have been around since as early as the 1990’s (remember VR games!) it’s only in the last 12 months has the interactive industry taken to it like moths to a flame. Below you will find some of the worlds biggest brands dipping their toe into “Augmented Reality”. Some are in it for the PR aspect others trying to find a useful application. Many just to satisfy their need to do something new.

The technology has it’s limitations though. Not only do you need a web cam but also a printer to activate it. Add to that one requires a download and installation of an application you cut your potential audience down considerably.

Follow this link and have a look at 35 great examples of Augmented Reality over at Bannerblog.

Also have a look at http://www.metaio.com/ – a pioneer company in the area of augmented reality technology, that develops software products for systems driven by visual interaction in both real and virtual worlds. They produced this cool in-store installation for LEGO in Disneyland Orlando:

Also have a look at this cool Mobile augmented reality case from Fanta:

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