French Market Consolidation: LeadMedia Buys Gamned To Leverage Clients’ Data Assets For Real-Time Targeting

LeadmediaIn what is being seen as a strategic buy, LeadMedia announced this morning that it is acquiring Gamned, a leading independent trading desk in France.

LeadMedia, a data marketing specialist with hooks into performance advertiser’s CRM and data assets, is presumably looking to offer its pan-European customer base a real-time targeting and prospecting solution.

With this acquisition, the company can now offer a service layer to help its clients manage and run re-targeting campaigns. Although Gamned could be classed as an ITD, it was, like many progressive trading organisations in Europe, looking to build a customised technology solution in order to differentiate itself in a fiercely competitive market.

Gamned had raised small amount of funding – around 1.5 million euro. No numbers were mentioned in terms of the actual amount paid for Gamned but is speculating that it is between five and six million euros.

This acquisition could signal a new round of mini-acquisitions across the European market, as the ITD market consolidates. Only a few weeks ago, Interactive Media acquired Xplosion to beef up its re-targeting options. With increased commercial pressure coming from Agency Trading Desks, you wonder how long before those independents servicing big agencies buckle under the financial strain?

Source: ExchangeWire

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