AppNexus Partners with Index Exchange; New Data Hub at Sizmek

ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Partnership between AppNexus and Index Exchange; Sizmek Data Hub; Rubicon Project team up with Tapad; Partner Solutions Program at Ooyala; and New CRO for SpotX.

AppNexus partners with Index Exchange, signs over 260 publishers

With the arrival of support for server-to-server integrations, AppNexus expands its collaboration with Index Exchange on header bidding. From a partnership between the two ad tech providers that promised mutual support of their respective wrapper header-based solutions, they are now expanding to a partnership on server-side solutions.

“We strongly believe that publishers should have unbiased and transparent access to every exchange, not just the one that comes with their ad server,” says Tom Shields, chief strategy officer at AppNexus. “Our server-to-server offering builds on our years of delivering fast, reliable server-side connections to hundreds of industry partners, and just like the open source prebid.js, allows publishers transparent access to the exchanges that work best for them.”

The server-to-server integration means that unique auctions are run through the SSP which serve as demand sources and bid on the inventory of a publisher. The auction takes place in the technology partner’s server instead of the publisher’s header.

“Successful server-to-server connections depend on strong infrastructure and transparent reporting practices”, adds Drew Bradstock, SVP product, Index Exchange. “Our solution will allow for full transparency into auction dynamics so media companies can decide which partners perform best client-side or server-side, and whether mediation is the best fit for them.”

According to a recent press release, AppNexus signed more than 260 publishers in 2016.

Sizmek launch new data hub

With a new data-centralising hub, Sizmek are enabling advertisers to combine audience segments from DMPs and data collected from served ads. The offering supports creative targeting decisions on the Sizmek platform as well as integrated DSPs. The Sizmek Data Hub allows customers to access the same data sets in the ad server and centralise them in order to implement creative targeting strategies.

The idea of the data hub is a reaction to the current difficulty of combining several data sources at the creative level. Previously, advertisers who were using audience segments through a DMP had to manually activate the process. Through automation, Sizmek has increased speed and efficiency for marketers, allowing clients to target audience segments who have been exposed to a particular ad before and display a different ad which is relevant in the sequence of ad content. This way, several ads appear as a cohesive story – and, hopefully, drive user engagement.

Sizmek’s CEO Neil Nguyen makes the case for central data storage: “With ad tech consolidating at a consistent and rapid clip, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to be able to house their data in a central location”, adding that the addition of the Data Hub to the Sizmek Programmatic Creative solution, ad buyers are enabled to leverage insights from all of their data in order to deliver consumers the ads they’ll find the most engaging.

Rubicon Project & Tapad partner

Tapad and Rubicon Project have announced a new global partnership and the launch of a new solution for programmatic cross-device campaigns. Thanks to the agreement, Tapad’s Device Graph, which allows businesses to extend their mobile display data, will be integrated into Rubicon Project’s ad exchange and the Orders platform and expand mobile reach.

“Cross-device delivery is crucial for buyers today, with more than 81% of internet users currently relying on more than one device for digital access”, explains Harry Patz, CRO, Rubicon Project. “Through our partnership, buyers will be able to extend their desktop private marketplace campaigns to mobile, allowing them to find and engage their audience across devices, anywhere in the world. The net result will also benefit sellers; the increase in mobile reach will better position publishers and app developers to strategically capitalise on their inventory, ultimately increasing bid rates and mobile revenue across the board.”

Ooyala launch Partner Solutions Program

Ooyala expands their offerings with a partner solutions program aimed at technology and reseller partners. The Solutions Partner Program is a single source for solution selling across video production, publishing, analytics, and monetisation.

Essentially, the program is made up of three tiers: the referral partners, associate resellers, and premier resellers, who are given the tools to grow their business and extend their capabilities with Ooyala’s technology and services.

Partners can rise within the tiers if their offerings improve over time, reaping benefits within the program such as free online training, co-selling support, demo accounts, technical support seats, product discounts, and executive sponsorship.

“Our reseller partners now have immediate access to a wide portfolio of video solutions from video production, delivery, and analytics, backed by a technology partner committed to providing the support and collaboration required for them to meet and exceed their business goals”, explains Aanal Bhatt, senior channel director, Ooyala. “The new, tiered partner program arms them with the resources required to continue to see increased success with their customers and provide solutions that solve the most complex video challenges in the industry today.”

Videology becomes Snapchat partner

On the back of a new partnership with Snapchat, customers of software provider Videology can now use the Videology platform for planning, executing, and reporting on Snapchat campaigns.

“As we continue to break down video silos – from social and digital video, to OTT and linear TV – this partnership is another step towards our ultimate goal of true advertising convergence. Consumers are viewing premium video content across a growing number devices and platforms; and we believe that offering a screen-agnostic approach to reaching them, through a converged software solution, is the most effective and efficient way to drive results to advertisers”, says Scott Ferber, founder and CEO, Videology, of the effects of the partnership for clients.

Snapchat, which has over 150 million unique daily users, has only just launched their own self-service ad tech platform, hoping that agencies and clients will independently book their campaigns and, thus, keep an eye on their budgets without interference.

Prestigious Promotion at SpotX

SpotX have a new chief revenue officer. Joining the three other C-level appointees, Sean Buckley is promoted from his previous position as SVP Revenue.

In his new role, Buckley is responsible for all revenue on the buy-side (from advertisers, agencies, demand-side platforms etc.) as well as the supply side, including broadcasters and publishers for all their video ad serving and advertising, including desktop, mobile video, and connected TV.

“I look forward to working closely with our global teams to provide video publishers with advanced inventory management solutions and help connect our platform customers with buyers via valuable, data-driven demand facilitation services”, summarises Buckley.

Buckley has been with SpotX for the last four years, joining in 2013 to build and launch the company’s platform business, providing publishers with a system to manage their programmatic video business.

In his new role, Buckley will continue to report to the co-founder of SpotX, CEO Mike Shehan.

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