Ad-Juster Acquired By Innotech; DMG & Forensiq Partner

ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Ad-Juster acquired by Innotech Capitals; Forensiq partners with DMG; Clear Channel’s automated guaranteed OOH solution; Zemeho monetises with Triton; and New MD EMEA for Integral Ad Science.  

Ad-Juster gets acquired by Innotech Capitals

Ad-Juster wants to expand into international markets – and the acquisition by Innotech Capitals may just be the first step on the road to global expansion. The San Diego-based data aggregator has been snapped up by Innotech, an international private equity consortium group.

“Innotech International Group will provide Ad-Juster with the resources we need to accelerate our offering not only here in the US, but also internationally. Having bootstrapped Ad-Juster from day one entirely from its own cash flow, the opportunity to transition what we do well to a broader audience is very exciting”, says Mike Lewis, president and co-founder of Ad-Juster. “And with expanding product offerings into ad optimisation, quality measurement, and cross-enterprise reporting and dashboarding, we see our value to current and potential clients accelerating. Our ongoing commitment to client success will remain unwavering.”

The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. There are no changes planned for the leadership team.

Ad-Juster specialises in display ad reporting, third-party data aggregation, and programmatic reporting on ad viewability, mobile, and video.

DMG partners with Forensiq on fraud detection

Last week it was Affise, this week Forensiq releases the news that they are teaming up with advertising company DMG to battle ad fraud. Combining Forensiq’s data and DMG’s video dashboard, the two companies want to help video buyers avoid invalid traffic.

“It is crucial to utilise data to truly understand the extent of fraud and develop proactive and preventative measures”, explains Forensiq’s VP EMEA, Mark Wrighton. “By using Forensiq to identify instances of fraud and to interpret fraudulent behaviour, DMG are able to address fraudulent activity across their network.”

The video dashboard aims to show a comprehensive view of data, with detection and reporting supplied by Forensiq. The fraud intelligence database includes Device Reputation, IP Reputation, Proxy, Spoofing, Hosting Provider, Automated Traffic, or Identified Crawler. The data is available in real time, with the two companies promising reliable information about nearly every visitor.

Tali Chomed, VP Video, DMG: “DMG emphasises transparency in all of our services. This new dashboard will seamlessly provide a trustworthy source of data to both publishers and advertisers who won’t have to worry about being exposed to fraudulent traffic.”

Clear Channel bring OOH guaranteed programmatic buying solution to Europe

Clear Channel are branching out to Europe. The outdoor advertiser has just rolled out the automated buying tool in Belgium. Next on the list is the UK, with a launch date in March 2017, from which buyers will have access to Clear Channel UK’s premium digital out-of-home estate, Storm. Clear Channel hopes to expand their displays into shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as digital roadside ad properties.

“In the UK, Clear Channel’s vision is to Create the Future of Media, Out of Home. Launching a Programmatic solution is the next logical step in our market, which has been undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation over the past twelve months”, explains CCI’s head of UK operations, Justin Cochrane.

CCI’s first foray into Europe focuses on automated guaranteed trading with media buyers currently able to access and buy audience-based packages across Clear Channel’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) network in the city of Brussels. DSP partner is Adform, data is funnelled both from inside CCI as well as third party. The European roll-outs are part of a wider international development plan for the company: “Our vision is for one technical programmatic platform that can be shaped and adjusted by market to suit the specific local buying needs of our customers”, says Stefan Lameire, CCO and CRO, Clear Channel. “Once we have rolled out automated guaranteed trading across the business, we will be assessing where and when we also release our inventory to bidded marketplaces, as well as enabling media buyers to layer on their own audience data to further enrich the targeting process. Ultimately, it will be our customers, rather than technology, driving the speed and detail for further programmatic development.”

Zemeho monetise mobile gaming with Triton Digital

Triton and Zemeho are teaming up for a monetisation partnership to benefit game and app developers who are using Zemeho’s valiant player for in-app music streaming. The partnership enables the programmatic purchase of digital audio advertising inventory within streaming music in online mobile games and applications.

“We are thrilled to partner with Zemeho to bring this new category of inventory to the exchange”, says Benjamin Masse, managing director, market development and strategy, Triton Digital. “The ability to deliver a relevant message to these highly engaged users opens up an enormous opportunity for advertisers to reach new audience in a unique and meaningful way.”

Zemeho’s customisable music player integrates into games or apps and, thus, enables users to stream music – and developers to monetise their games and apps via audio ads.

Leadership changes at Integral Ad Science

New year, new leadership: Integral Ad Science are making changes to their European management team. Industry veteran Nick Morley is taking on the newly created role as managing director EMEA. As part of his remit, Morley is going to oversee the recently-launched IAS operations in Italy, Spain, and the Nordics, as well as the already established operations in the UK, France, and Germany.

“Europe is a core market for IAS and we are delighted to welcome Nick to the team to spearhead our further acceleration into new markets”, said, Bryan St. John, SVP international, Integral Ad Science. “Heading into 2017, we are well positioned to take advantage of our company’s growth potential.”

IAS is looking for some of that growth potential in Asia. To that end, former UK managing director Niall Hogan has been tasked with increasing the company’s footprint in Hogan is relocating to Singapore, taking up the role as managing director SEA.

Morley is changing to IAS from a role as managing director EMEA at Intent Media.

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