Ververica Showcased Data Stream Processing at AliCloud AI and Big Data Summit, Singapore

Alexander Walden, CEO of Ververica, Discussed Innovations in Real-Time Data Processing

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ververica, a leading player in the data analytics and stream processing industry, showcased its leadership in the industry by participating in the AliCloud AI and Big Data Summit today in Singapore. Alexander Walden, CEO of Ververica, presented at the summit, focusing on the company’s latest strides in enhancing big data with stream processing and real-time analytics.

The focus of Walden’s talk delved into Ververica’s breakthrough in transforming high-latency batch jobs into real-time stream processing – a game-changer for companies looking to leverage their data more effectively and affordably. With the ability to deploy in minutes and connect, process, and analyze data from a multitude of sources, Ververica is paving the way for enterprises to make real-time decisions that were previously out of reach due to cost or complexity.

“I was excited to talk about the breakthrough standards Ververica Cloud has reached – performing 2x faster than open-source Apache Flink. What we’re doing at Ververica has revolutionized Apache Flink to bring a new level of efficiency and accessibility to data processing,” said Walden. “Our technology is not just about processing data faster; it’s about enabling companies to get the most bang for their buck by making informed decisions in real-time.”

The AliCloud AI and Big Data Summit is an esteemed gathering of industry leaders, technologists, and innovators, focusing on the latest trends and advancements in AI and Big Data. Ververica’s participation in this event highlights the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and its role in shaping the future of data processing.

Ververica’s platform provides a robust solution for enterprises tackling the challenges of Big Data. With its scalable and reliable architecture, Ververica Cloud is ideally suited for a wide range of industries and applications, from financial services to IoT and beyond. With ultra-high performance powered by VERA Technology, businesses can process data at unprecedented speeds, gaining insights in milliseconds, not minutes.

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About Ververica

Ververica, founded by the original creators of open-source Apache Flink®, is committed to unlocking the immense potential of data for enterprises. With its advanced stream processing technologies, including Ververica Cloud (cloud-native and serverless) and Ververica Platform (on-premise), businesses can harness real-time data insights at scale. Ververica is deeply dedicated to the growth of Apache Flink® and other open-source technologies. This dedication encompasses supporting software development and leading the evolution of the Flink Forward conference, the conference dedicated to Apache Flink and the stream processing community, held in three flagship regions globally. Ververica further nurtures the community through “Ververica Academy”, a comprehensive learning platform for those seeking to expand their knowledge in stream processing and analytics. Discover more at


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