Technology dominates Asia’s Top 15 brands

Google, Facebook and Microsoft are the top three brands in Asia as they generated the most digital content consumption in the region in the last twelve months.

While Google lead the charts in the data released by Amobee on the top 15 brands in terms of digital content consumption, it was followed by Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Samsung. Combined, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are worth USD 436.9 billion.

Amobee’s data shows that nearly all brands in the Top 15 came from the technology sector. The only exceptions were credit card brands Visa and Mastercard. This signifies that certain media brands have massive global relevance because of their influence on consumers’ daily lives. As an extension of this, credit card brands play an important role making online business work in order to make and receive payments.

“Over the last five years, the availability and affordability of electronics has shifted greatly that nowadays more consumers are adopting different devices and integrating them into their routines. Technology has made us an informed society and this has resulted in people spending more time online reading content, viewing videos and researching information,” said Alex Littlejohn, Amobee’s Senior Vice President (APAC).

The ranking of brands in the Top 15 is as follows:
1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Microsoft
4. Apple
5. Samsung
6. Sony
7. Visa
8. MasterCard
9. Xbox
10. HP
11. PlayStation
12. LG
13. Yahoo
14. Asus
15. Dell

The data also shows that categories such as Retail and Food had less digital consumption. This was most likely because they’re don’t require as much online research.

“Data and insights offers brands the ability to optimise their digital strategies based on real time consumer behavior and digital content consumption. Social media data alone doesn’t give the full picture of what consumers passion points are and represents only the most vocal consumers in society,” said Mr Littlejohn.

Via Digital Market Asia

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