Sociomantic opens data centre in Shanghai

Sociomantic Labs has launched a new data centre in Shanghai. This hub makes it possible for Sociomantic’s clients around the world — enterprise e-commerce advertiser in more than 70 countries — to use the company’s Stream Platform to reach Chinese audiences with personalised advertising.

“As Sociomantic enhances its local infrastructure with this new data centre, we look forward to improved campaign performance and an even closer partnership,” says Jason Xu, Marketing Manager, Royal Caribbean China. Royal Caribbean has been running display campaigns with Sociomantic since summer 2016.

For many foreign demand-side platforms (DSPs) in China, one of the greatest challenges is the inability to access data about online consumer behaviour and quality ad platforms and inventories. Without a local data centre in place, many foreign DSPs are restricted to using technologies offered by third-parties, rather than leveraging own technologies to help clients reach the relevant consumers. Therefore, local infrastructure can be business critical for any ad technology company hoping to offer full-service programmatic display for the Chinese market.

Programmatic advertising in China has been growing rapidly, and is predicted to reach a value of USD 4.5 billion, closely shadowing the leading U.S. market. Alongside this growth, Chinese advertisers are beginning to have a deeper understanding of programmatic technologies, and in turn demanding higher standards of performance and services from their ad tech partners.

Furthermore, Sociomantic’s global footprint will enable Chinese advertisers to reach the right people not only domestically, but anywhere in the world — an advantage of great importance as the Chinese government continues to encourage companies to grow their businesses not only at home, but also abroad, giving up to RMB 4 million in subsidies for e-commerce companies looking to expand overseas.

“Local data infrastructure essentially enables circumvention of the so-called Chinese firewall, which is crucial to the performance of programmatic campaigns that require data feedback in mere milliseconds. We at Sociomantic are dedicated to providing highly localised services for our clients, and China is a key market for us in that regard, thus highly worthy of investing resources and talent into better supporting our clients here. While Sociomantic initially focused on helping Chinese advertisers with campaigns in overseas markets, our team is looking forward to supporting Chinese and international advertisers in reaching Chinese consumers thanks to this new data centre,” says Ivan Zhou, Managing Director Greater China, Sociomantic Labs.

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