Opera and Mirum show Indonesians that time is opportunity

Weary residents of Jakarta are used to waiting for everything – for traffic to clear, for queues to move, for websites to load.

Often, they think they don’t have a choice. But in fact, they do. Web browser company Opera’s campaign – #DaripadaNunggu, or ‘Better Things to do’ – aims to inspire people to do something useful instead of just waiting.

This two-month campaign generated over 6,000 social posts from people sharing their personal experiences of how they leverage the power of the internet to use their waiting time to do something meaningful to them.

Created by digital agency Mirum Jakarta, the website invites the audience to take part in an interactive video directed by Indonesia’s acclaimed director Salman Aristo.

The video was shot from a first-person view, and begins with the character lacing up his sneakers and going for a walk in the park instead of getting in his car during heavy traffic. While there, he gets an idea for a solar-powered portable battery pack. The interactive plot allows the audience to make business and strategy decisions, with some help from Indonesian YouTube celebrities Andovi da Lopez and Babe Cabita, who co-star in the video, and to achieve a final score on how effectively they use their time when waiting.

#DaripadaNunggu offers fresh, practical tips about how to use their waiting time efficiently every Friday at 1 pm during the campaign period. From how to shop online while waiting girlfriend in salon, to how to workout in the car during traffic jam. These weekly videos were set to enlighten people during break-time or lunch. The campaign also encouraged the participants to share what they did, with the hashtag #DaripadaNunggu.

#DaripadaNunggu helps deliver Opera’s global brand message, of “do more”, by highlighting that time is opportunity and showcasing one of the brand’s key features – that websites load faster with the Opera Mini browser.

“Opera realised that people spend a lot of time commuting and waiting in traffic in Indonesia on daily basis. Actually, there is a lot that we could do to make those time waiting even more exciting and productive through the internet,” said Ivollex Hodiny, Growth Director, Opera.

“We hope this project can be a solution to effectively elevate the productivity of Indonesians. Hopefully this approach using interactivity, video and Youtubers, will help to educate and cut idle minutes so they will not be wasted,” said Mirum Jakarta’s Head of Strategist Daniel Hagmeijer.

Around 130,000 people engaged with the interactive #DaripadaNunggu video since its launch in October. The campaign has generated over 45 million impressions through social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Line.

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