70% Singapore smartphone users give thumbs up to mobile ads

Mobile advertising is seeing positive engagement with 70 per cent of the users intentionally clicking on the mobile ads, said a research titled ‘Creating Brand Connections across Devices’ jointly conducted by Yahoo and Mindshare to study the consumer behaviour on smart devices and the role in the path to purchase in the Singapore market.

A phenomenal 87 per cent of the surveyed users use their mobile devices for conducting pre-purchase research. This implies a paradigm shift in terms of information flow, showing that users are actively engaging with brands on their mobile devices even before buying the product.

This report is based on research about user behaviour across devices – smartphones, tablets and PCs. It also highlights cross-device usage, time spent on mobile devices, top daily activities, genres of content consumed, emerging trends on mobile video, gaming and entertainment. The findings of the study are expected to enable brand marketers to create informed cross-device marketing campaigns in the device proliferated Singapore.

“Singaporeans are among the most gadget-savvy people in the world, with an average user spending a whopping 3.7 hours a day on mobile devices for personal use. The findings show that the mobile platform presents a clear opportunity for brands to educate and engage the connected consumer. The mobile is playing an increasingly important role in building meaningful brand experiences with consumers,” said David Jeffs, Head of Insights, India and South-East Asia at Yahoo.

In addition, the report also deep dives into the role mobile devices play in the consumer’s path to purchase, bringing into focus the effectiveness and potential of mobile advertising. Building on the findings, the study suggests some key enablers for brands to unlock the potential of mobile advertising by aligning it to user expectations.

More than half of the users i.e. 61 per cent users seek promotion or discount coupon in an ‘ideal’ mobile advertisement. Meanwhile, 36 per cent look for rewards via interaction, 29 per cent to learn something new, 28 per cent want to stay update via mobile ads and 23 per cent are looking for a short break.

“Today brands need to optimise their campaigns keeping in view mobility and cross-device engagement. Users want mobile advertising to be relevant to the way they use the devices. The smart device is playing a key role in the path to purchase in a consumer journey. Brands need to evolve creative and innovative strategies to leverage this phenomenon and change behaviour, as this device grows in its influence in the last mile,” said Deepika Nikhilender, Leader – Business Planning at Mindshare Asia Pacific.

This year’s study covers Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, where there is increased focus on the role mobile plays in the consumer’s path to purchase.

Via Digital Market Asia

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