Mintegral Enhances Intelligent UA with Advanced Machine Learning Model

Introducing Target CPE to Help Raise ROI for Mobile Marketers

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mintegral, a programmatic subsidiary of leading advertising technology company Mobvista (1860.HK), has launched an advanced model for precise user acquisition (UA).

The new model, Target CPE (Cost Per Engagement), helps advertisers achieve lifetime value (LTV) goals based on machine learning model predictions. Mintegral customers using this model have already experienced increases of up to 20% in return on investment using this updated model.

Target CPE optimizes UA bids based on the cost of triggering in-app events. It operates on an oCPI (Optimized Cost Per Install) model, which dynamically adjusts the cost per install based on user-level data while ensuring the acquisition of high-quality users. This prioritizes user quality before the ad budget, thus improving overall campaign performance as an ROI driver.

Target CPE is designed for app companies that want to scale their in-app purchases, increase conversions, and improve in-app revenue — whether for a gaming app, e-commerce shop, or subscription-based service.

As illustrated by recent data, when an advertiser implements Target CPE, both the cost per engagement and the payment rate tend to stabilize, while overall spending levels continue to grow. This indicates that the application of Target CPE helps advertisers achieve continuous user growth and spending breakthroughs while keeping the cost per engagement under control.

“We are thrilled to introduce Target CPE, a testament to our commitment to innovation in the programmatic ad space,” said Erick Fang, CPO of Mobvista. “This advanced UA model is designed to deliver unparalleled results for our clients, driving growth and maximizing ROI.”

One of the in-trial developers, Anton Poleschuk, User Acquisition Manager of MyTona, points out that “Mintegral’s Target CPE campaign has greatly helped our Cooking Diary product acquire more paying users and effectively achieve our ROAS goals. With Mintegral’s assistance, Mytona has gained a higher market share in the user acquisition market.”

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