Green Tiger Markets Pte. Ltd. Arranges the First Trade of GTM’s Physically Settled Bilateral Rhodium Contract

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Tiger Markets Pte. Ltd. (GTM) is excited to announce the first trade in Physical Rhodium on its cloud-based trading platform. The trade was for spot Rhodium sponge of 99.9% purity deliverable at the Johnson Matthey Royston vault.

At Green Tiger Markets we believe in transparent markets that effectively send price signals to market participants. We believe in making it easier for buyers and sellers of underserved commodities markets to find each other to hedge price risk. We worked closely with market participants to launch the Rhodium contract: putting our clients’ needs first in the development of the product. We anticipate that the Rhodium contract will bring liquidity and transparency to this historically underserved and opaque market,” said John Knorring, CEO of Green Tiger Markets Pte. Ltd.

The trade mitigates the price risk of the physical commodity Rhodium for both the Buyer and the Seller. The spot-basis trade will exchange US dollars for Rhodium sponge in the Johnson Matthey Royston vault with delivery in two days.

The Rhodium spot contract was recently listed by GTM. The GTM Marketplace also offers market participants the opportunity to trade Rhodium forwards and location-swap contracts, which will further allow market participants to manage price risk.

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About Green Tiger Markets Pte. Ltd.

Green Tiger Markets (GTM) develops and operates derivatives marketplaces that facilitate the forward hedging of price on a financial or physically-settled basis. Marketplace participants buy or sell spot and forward contracts with other participants who have opposing price risk management needs.

GTM’s mission is to support the growth and development of underserved markets through transparency and price discovery. In support of this mission, Green Tiger Markets has developed a proprietary cloud-based trading platform with central limit order book and price dissemination technology. The platform is supported by voice brokerage services.

GTM works with market participants in a variety of industries to develop standard terms of trade which will allow for “like for like” transactions and liquidity to build in both spot and forward markets. The GTM platform is designed for new products to be launched quickly and the market to be configured based on the needs of the market participants.


Green Tiger Markets Pte. Ltd.

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