Yieldex Launches Digital Publishing’s Most Accurate and Inclusive Calendar For Sponsorship Sales

YieldEdge Sponsorship Calendar Helps Forecast and Manage Sponsorships 15 Months into the Future

New York – Yieldex, the leading provider of inventory and revenue management solutions for digital publishers, has launched the YieldEdge Sponsorship Calendar – the first unified calendar that seamlessly integrates existing ad server and order management system data to accurately forecast, manage, and maximize revenues for all sponsorship sales.

Fully integrated into YieldEdge, Yieldex’s industry-leading platform for holistic inventory management, the Sponsorship Calendar guarantees that everyone involved in supporting sponsorships has visibility into all vital information.  Sales teams can now access all of the data they need to quickly respond to RFPs, including information about availability and competing sponsorships, which enables them to avoid overbooking inventory.  The single, unified calendar view eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets, shared Outlook calendars, and other custom solutions.

“Sponsorships represent approximately 10 percent of all display ad revenues according to both eMarketer and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, so that’s a giant $1 billion or so that publishers have previously not been able to forecast or manage efficiently,” said Yieldex CEO Andy Nibley.  “By adding a unified sponsorship calendar to our YieldEdge platform, we’re providing publishers with another unique way to drive revenue from their existing inventory pools.”

In particular, the YieldEdge Sponsorship Calendar allows publishers to:

·      Forecast sponsorship avails and contention 15 months into the future, taking into  consideration seasonality and other forecast adjustments

·      Reduce or eliminate inventory overbooking by revealing conflicts

·      Understand the impact sponsorships will have on standard impression-goal campaigns and vice versa.

“The YieldEdge sponsorship calendar fills a process gap that allows us to see sell-through metrics and takeovers in a detailed and easy to digest view,” said Tom Good, Director Digital Advertising Operations, Comcast Spotlight. “Anyone that has managed sponsorships at a national or targeted level will appreciate the ease-of-use, clean interface and automation over existing tracking spreadsheets.”

About Yieldex
Yieldex created the first comprehensive, fully integrated revenue and inventory analytics platform for digital publishers.  Yieldex’s format-agnostic platform, YieldEdge, accurately forecasts, manages and prices inventory across all revenue channels.  Digital publishers who use YieldEdge have stopped leaving money on the table because they no longer have to juggle multiple delivery platforms across channels and formats or untangle complicated, overlapping inventory.  Leading media companies such as the Wall Street Journal, Scripps Networks Interactive, CBS Interactive, The Weather Channel and dozens of other publishers all use Yieldex to unlock the true value of their inventory.  For more information, visit www.yieldex.com.

Via Ad Operations Online

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Lars M. B. Anthonisen is Global Account Lead @ Google. Previously, he held various digital marketing positions at media companies across Europe and Asia including Regional Digital Director at MediaCom APAC, CMO at Adform and Digital Manager at Universal McCann Worldwide.

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