Trending in India: Was the quota of Terracotta enough for #ModiInChina?

Twitter has been abuzz with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China and what has caught Indian social media’s attention more than the bilateral ties between the two nations is Mr Modi’s visit to the Terracotta museum and his fashion statement there.

PM’s China visit trending on social media is no surprise because no matter what he does, the Indian Prime Minister is trending on Twitter for larger part of the year. But this time Twitteratis studied PM’s visit to Terracotta Warriors Museum, in fine detail and there was no dearth of creativity either.

The Prime Minster tweeted, “Hello from Xi’an, China. Landed to a warm welcome, followed by a spectacular visit to the Terracotta Warriors Museum.” But more than Mr Modi, the social media aficionado relished his trip to the museum in China.

As images of Mr Modi at the Terracotta Museum were released, Twitter was abuzz with retweets of the images and some very creative memes and captions for the images. Surprisingly, the visit was not only trending in India but worldwide.

While some social media users captioned images of Mr Modi inspecting the sculptures of Qin Shi Huang’s army at the Terracotta Museum, some were studying Mr Modi’s fashion statement. The Indian Prime Minister has sure got style with the rectangular shaped sunglasses which he was sporting at the Museum.

Tweets such as “Mera quota is better than terracotta”, “These people are so silent when I talk to them that they remind me of my council of ministers!”, and “Our PM Modi looks like he got swag”, were among the most popular ones doing rounds on Twitter. These memes were just flowing on the first day of his visit where ‘#ModiInChina’ started trending in just a couple of hours. But we can expect a lot more during the rest of Mr Modi’s China visit.

The Indian Prime Minister has always been in news on back of his attachment with social media, reformist policies and innovative ideas for the development of the country. But this week’s ‘Trending in India’ shows that Mr Modi does not have to make media announcements to make news because the people can read his non-verbal communication and fashion statements very well for their daily dose of Modi Media.

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