The musically inclined consumer

Through the help of SMG-YouGov, Live Nation Asia looked into the consumption of music and live music events across China and Indonesia. The research covers statistics and behavioural facts about music fans in these two markets.

Over 1,000 interviewees were interviewed in total for both markets with aims to analyse music listening behaviours,
trends as well as how brands can build presence and awareness via music. Music has proven to be an important component of people’s lives particularly in China – an approximate of 880.1 million avid daily music listeners, majority to have attended a live music event in the last 12 months.


Indonesia, also going strong of 186.7 million avid daily music listener, majority taking 1-5 hours a week listening to music. Live music entertainment is one of the last standing category in the music industry for it is an experience that cannot be replaced.

Interviewees have that they attend a live music event for not merely to see a certain artist/ band, but also for a memorable experience. Whilst over 60 per cent and nearly 40 per cent of interviewees from China and Indonesia
respectively have confirmed to favour a brand sponsoring a concert tour and that they were much more aware of the brand existing because they’re seen it on TV/ at live music event. Over 40 per cent of interviewees from China and 55 per cent from Indonesia have claimed to become aware of a brand sponsorship via media related to a music event/ artist/ band and at music events.

Live music is proven to be a very prominent part of people’s lives, and live concerts / events have become a key channel of helping brands in reaching different target segments.

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