#sowhoknew: Your job – why are you ‘in it’ ?

Have you ever asked yourself the question about what motivates you in your job? Is it because you love it? Is it just the money? Is it the camaraderie? Is it the great coffee?

As part of the LinkedIn #InItTogether series of articles, I decided to crowdsource some responses from my connections / followers to see why they selected their chosen career / profession to see what really gets them out of bed in the morning.

I asked them a simple question “when it comes to your job what are you in it for?” Some of the answers might amuse you, some of them might surprise you, but all of them will inspire you…

Meagan Chauvin Kohls: “I am in it for… my family”

“I took a substantial pay cut to work in a family friendly office, close to home selling a product/service I truly believe in. For me “InItTogether” means being a mom that works to provide the best life for her family not a working mom that chases the biggest pay check to find self worth. I am at peace with my current work-life balance which means a modest home, prioritising needs over wants, and living within our means to cherish these few school age years my daughters need me most”

Christine Stevens: “I am in it for… dignity and self respect

“I can’t imagine anyone describing what I do as exciting, but it is a necessary function and does ultimately support those who serve others, but I do my job because the idea of being dependent on an institution, government, or another individual for my needs repugnant. Dependency certainly isn’t the way to have a fulfilling or free life. I am truly lucky to do something I enjoy (yes, I’m weird), have a great team, a wonderful client, and bosses who believe in me. Ultimately though, I work so that no one else can dictate my life. Although, of course, I’d take winning the lottery and becoming a professional non-worker any day!”

Benjamin Harries – “I’m in it… to win it”

“Every client is involved in a similar game but every challenge is different. If you love sport, then you love advertising. Pick the team, make the game plan and adjust the tactics as the scores come in. At the final whistle, congratulate the right people, analyse the game and look forward to the next match”

Lee Rael: “I’m in it… to make a positive impact on the World”

“I want to go home and feel like I am living my purpose. I’m in it to create beautiful things for my clients and be appreciated for the work we do and be able to give my family a good life. I’m also in it to try have fun along the way”

Rick Vander Horst: “I’m in it for… the people”

“I want to create a long lasting and binding friendships and the enjoyment and challenge of the role. Once one or more of these changes the position becomes a chore. And yes, we are all in it for the cold hard cash but it cannot buy happiness forever. As one of my dearest work colleagues stated “we have become more than brothers” and that says it all to me”

Jessica Harvey: “I’m in it… to give back to others”

“I’m in it to give back to others who may need it… but also to show my children, you can be and do anything you put your mind to”

Kosta Metaxiotis: “I’m in it… to drive change”

“I’m in it to drive self awareness amongst my team that they can ultimately offer far greater value than they may actually be aware of. I’m in it to make positivity louder in the corporate world, driving for long term sustainable growth rather than short term wins. I’m in it to drive positive societal outcomes in conjunction with commercial objectives. I’m in it to treat employees like people & build trust. I’m in it to drive change in corporate culture and blur the lines between functions/departments. I’m in it to facilitate a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose amongst people at work that transfers into their personal lives”

So I suppose there is only one thing left to add.

Why am I in it?

The answer to that is simple.

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