#sowhoknew: How to enjoy Xmas but still do the Business!

Is it possible to switch off during the festive season and still keep the wheels of your business turning? Well according to experts you can do both — it’s just a matter of balance and following three seasonal suggestions.

The Christmas period is a bit of a double-edged sword for most entrepreneurs and business owners. On the one hand many of them are keen to take a break, overindulge in some tasty treats, take some time to reflect on the year gone by and ponder the one that is just ahead of them. On the flip side, there are those who explore their inner Ebenezer and dread the thought that their business might suffer during the Yuletide downtime.

Conor McArdle from Brighter Business has suggested three tinsel tinged tips for business owners who want to celebrate Christmas but equally want their business to keep turning over:

1. Establish your priorities
Rather than the mad scramble to finish everything before Christmas Eve, figure out what really needs to be done now and what can genuinely wait until the New Year. Sit down with your team, talk about what you can feasibly do pre-Xmas and equally work out what can wait until after New Years Day. There really is no such thing as a clean slate in business so don’t try to complete every project before the year end as you will inevitably fail and equally miss the opportunity to have a much needed break.

2. Fix your working hours
Staff simply want to know when they are working over the holidays and clients need to know if there is anyone they can contact if there is an emergency. Employees can work around a fixed timetable and clients feel much more secure if they have clear guidance on what to do if there is an issue. Ambiguity is always perceived negatively so always ensure that you clearly communicate when you and your team are working (specific dates and times) and provide your clients with a contact name / number in the unlikely event that there is a crisis.

3. Know your limits
In some businesses (e.g. social media) it’s difficult to completely shut down as something always needs to be attended to. That said it doesn’t have to be for the entire duration of the holiday season so why don’t you set yourself some predetermined limits? Personally what I do is set aside a few hours each day (an hour first thing in the morning and an hour late in the afternoon) to go through emails, check on voice messages and the such like. When it’s spread out like that it really doesn’t seem too much of a chore. And one thing that you mustn’t do is take your smartphone to the dining table. Turkey and texting don’t mix.

Three solid tips that I’m certain Santa himself adheres to.

Let’s not forget that we all need to take a break at this time of the year to recharge the batteries and spend some valuable time with our loved ones. Regard this time as a gift to yourself that you have worked incredibly hard for and thoroughly deserve. It will also give you renewed energy to face the challenges of another full year to grow your business or career.

So with that, I bid you a very Merry Christmas, try not to work too hard and here’s wishing you a Happy and super successful New Year!

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