Rewind: Young John Slattery Can’t Believe His Luck in This 1980s Sports Illustrated Commercial

There was a time in the ’80s when men rushed into video stores searching for VHS (or Betamax) tapes of sports bloopers. And those men looked a lot like Roger Sterling.

At least that’s what a Sports Illustrated TV spot would you have believe.

With Sports Illustrated publisher Time Inc. preparing to be jettisoned from parent Time Warner, this edition of Rewind looks at a commercial from the headier days of Time Inc. The two-minute commercial stars John Slattery, Mad Men’s Roger Sterling, as a man on a mission to find a tape of sports bloopers. The video store clerk — remember those? — tells the frazzled Mr. Slattery that he can get the tape for free with a one-year subscription to Sports Illustrated.

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