Red Label’s India pitch on the back of General Elections

Politics has been known to divide countries, and Red Label Tea (Swad Apnepan Ka) wanted to change that on a very apt occasion – the most recent Election Day in India. Best illustrated by its tagline ‘bringing people together over a cup of tea’, PHD India created a platform for Indians to come together on Facebook, which was buzzing with activity over the anticipated changes, generating more than half a million interactions in a single day.

The Red Label Tea campaign ran on results day with multiscreen reach blocks employed to reach 100 per cent of Indian Facebook Users with ‘Swad Apenpan Ka’ brand story, which was almost the equivalent of an entire front page advertisement in a daily newspaper. Through the use of brand messages communicating solidarity despite differences, Red Label Tea was able to propel themselves to the forefront of user conversations and capitalise on a massive opportunity to address potential tensions and empathise with the social media netizens of India.

This strategically calculated media tactic greatly spiked the brands presence on the social media channel, propelling it into the center of conversations, reaching 34.7 million people with over 260k engagements with the Facebook page in a first of its kind execution.

How it happened
Situation Analysis: Friday, May 16, the red letter day when the Election Commission announced the poll results for the most followed and record breaking General Elections in Indian history. Social Media was abuzz with conversations in anticipation of what the change would bring.
Opportunity: Facebook being the leading social network, it was the hotbed of conversations, opinions and comments around the topic. The daily traffic was expected to go up phenomenally. Red Label decided to capitalise on this opportunity by taking up a multiscreen newsfeed reach block on Facebook targeting AA 18+, to own the day and tell the brand story “Swad Apnepan Ka”, whereby stealing Tata Tea’s thunder! Almost equitable to an impact of a Full Front Page, Solus, All Edition Print ad in a leading Daily
The Impact: 100 per cent of Indian Facebook users (AA, 18+) who logged in to FB on D-Day, were exposed to our communication on their newsfeed!
• 34.68 Mn Unique Users reached in a single day, 26 Mn of which was through a mobile device
• Over 2.6 Lac Engagements (Likes, Comments & Shares)

Red Label case study

Overall, users had a positive association with the messaging. While most users love the tea, many were appreciative of the communication message the brand was delivering. Some user comments are:

  • User 1: My family’s favorite tea “red label”
  • User 2: Nice idea to connecting people
  • User 3: Such Such ads will be pioneers of interfaith good relations.May the govt take a clue & use it.
  • User 4: Just over a cup of tea, amazing bonding. Hope this crosses over the borders
  • User 5: Very touching pic ! I am going to save it

Via Digital Market Asia Mobile

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Lars M. B. Anthonisen is Global Account Lead @ Google. Previously, he held various digital marketing positions at media companies across Europe and Asia including Regional Digital Director at MediaCom APAC, CMO at Adform and Digital Manager at Universal McCann Worldwide.

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