Just 18% of Marketers Use Both In-stream & Rich Media in Their Campaigns; Global Ad Tech & Martech Acquisitions See 11% Q3 Growth

ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire, head of research and analysis. In this week’s edition: Just 18% of marketers use both in-stream and rich media in their campaigns; Global d & martech acquisitions see 11% Q3 growth; 47% Growth in UK Q2 Audience Data Usage; Brits enjoy being center of attention twice as much as Americans on social media.

Marketers failing to take full advantage of video ad opportunities

Globally, only 18% of marketers are using both in-stream and rich media in their advertising campaigns, according to Sizmek’s ‘Video Index Report 2015’. Despite this, video start rates have increased 22% from 2013 (41%) to 2015 (63%).

In 2015, almost 11% of ads served were rich media, however just 5% of these rich media ads included video. Andy Kahl, director of research at Sizmek said: “Video has become an exceptionally important medium for brands today, and marketers have more choices than ever, from passive in-stream to engaging rich-media ads with video.”

Over 20% (22.2%) of consumer packaged-goods brands contained video in 2015, followed by 19.7% of entertainment brands, highlighting the growing popularity of video, in brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Ad tech and martech see’s strong quarterly growth

Globally, total acquisition activity within the ad tech and martech sector was up 11% quarter-over-quarter, with 112 deals, according to data released by  Results International. Almost a third (31%) were in the marketing automation sector in Q3, up from 10% in Q2.

Advertising platform-related deals fell from 35% in Q2 to 7% in Q3, reflecting a growing emphasis on cross-channel marketing automation for driving customer engagement. Just over 10% (13%) of the deals in Q3 involved private equity buyers, up from 3% in Q2.   

Three-quarters of acquisition deals were made by companies making just one acquisition. WPP completed nine transactions across Q1-Q3, although many of these were minority stakes. North America accounted for half of global transactions in Q3.

Julie Langley, partner at Results International commented: “The ad tech-martech market has seen very strong M&A activity in Q3 2015; the total of 112 announced deals is only one off the record 113 previously seen in Q3 2014.”

Demand for audience data surges

Globally, audience data usage surged 62% from Q1, according to Eyeota’s ‘Index Report Q2 2015’. Within the UK, audience data expenditure grew, 47% quarter-over-quarter. The UK finance sector overtook the travel & leisure sector as the top spender on audience data.

Within the UK, home & garden, automotive, and government organisations are the top sectors placing a premium on targeting data. Sociodemographic segments account for 61% of data segments purchased, with purchase intent data accounting for 18%.

Kevin Tan, CEO at Eyeota said: “We are seeing that programmatic is more than the automation of the media-buying process in that it allows brands to react and adapt to fluctuating consumer needs in real time, with audience data at the heart of this relationship.’

Americans view themselves as listeners on social

Social media users in the UK are twice as likely to seek out being the center of attention on social media, compared to those in America, according to new psychographic research by VisualDNA. American consumers have a lower threshold for what they believe to be over the top and perceive themselves to be good listeners. Consumers in the UK enjoy joking and storytelling twice as much as their American counterparts.

The study revealed that Americans are twice as concerned about social harmony, being kind and considerate than their UK counterparts. Consumers in the UK are constantly seeking out new trends, with those in the UK twice as likely to identify themselves as creative.

Jim Hodgkins, MD marketing services, VisualDNA said: “Knowing the ins and outs of cultural differences in personalities, brands can tailor their advertising accordingly rather than only focusing on demographics and behaviours. When comparing VisualDNA’s data on US and UK consumers, it becomes apparent that brands cannot just rely on stereotypes.”

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