InMobi amplifies its data capabilities with Experian partnership

InMobi, mobile advertising platform, has formed a strategic partnership with Experian, one of Australia’s leading sources of consumer insights. Towards the partnership, Experian will exclusively work with InMobi over the next two years so that InMobi can provide richer information for customers targeting advertising at mobile users.

InMobi provides in-app and mobile web advertising, providing information from over 10 million mobile devices in Australia. The partnership with Experian will enable this data to be matched with the consumer traits of specific households, providing exciting new targeting and analytics capabilities for marketers.

Brendan Watmore, InMobi’s Head of Strategy for Australia and New Zealand, said, “The marketing tech space is evolving so quickly. It’s exciting to see what organisations with different technology sets, but strategic alignment, can achieve. We are really excited to see how well our mobile behaviour data and Experian’s consumer insights work together.”

Jon White, InMobi’s GM for Australia and New Zealand describes the partnership as a milestone for mobile marketing. “Traditionally geo-demographic data was used to segment markets based on household characteristics. The assumption was people of similar type behaved in similar ways. It gave marketers an idea of their addressable market, but it didn’t help you identify when those people were ready to buy. Mobile devices now enable us to collect anonymised real-time behavioural data, so you get closer to understanding the buyer. Marrying these two datasets together is very powerful indeed”.

John Merakovsky, Managing Director at Experian A/NZ, added it’s a natural fit for their organisation. “Experian has always been at the forefront of initiatives to improve consumer engagement, using technology and data to improve interactions between brands and people. We immediately saw the potential with InMobi because the mobile space brings a wealth of new information that can help us develop even stronger profiles of customer prospects. Mobile is not just a platform for delivering marketing messages, it’s also a powerful vehicle for helping understand consumer behaviour”.

Customers of the InMobi platform can now access Experian’s household data sets, with a roadmap of products to be developed over the next few months.

Via Digital Market Asia

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