IAB Brazil Ask for More Transparency; Social Media Brings Only 11% Of E-Commerce Referring Traffic

This week in the LATAM Roundup: IAB Brazil publishes an open letter in which it recognises the lack of transparency of the local market, asking for more actions from players to ensure clarity and security to consumers and advertisers; Recent data from GDMA shows that only a minor part of referral traffic comes from social media in Brazil; and MediaMath and Affiperf reveals numbers of a pilot campaign in their deal in Brazil.

IAB Brazil: We need more transparency

André Izay, president, IAB Brazil, signs a letter sent by the institution addressed to all digital market players in the country. In the text, even though he recognises the innovation and continuous transformation of the local market, he asks for more transparency, as the Brazilian ecosystem still presents “insecurities and uncertainties” for plenty of players, especially advertisers and consumers.

“It is worth saying: if innovation will not come with clarity about the potential wins, changes, and necessary enforcements, and also our limits, our possibilities of success and developing a sustainable market in the long run are constrained”, says the document.

Is calls attention to stimulate transparency through the dissemination of best practices, knowledge, and building confidence among the players, promoting overall development.

“We have been having a solid progress in the digital market and, together, we will keep creating a mature, honest, and responsible market. Everybody wants this. Everybody deserves this. Everybody wins with this”, Izay says.

With the letter, IAB Brazil also publish their commitment to produce and disclose official statements about transparency along the year. Some of the topics already in the pipeline are data privacy, ad blockers, programmatic, viewability, and fraud.

Social media: Only 11% of e-commerce’s traffic

Social media represented only 11% of the total referral traffic in e-commerce in Brazil. The data comes from a report by GDMA and Winterberry Group, that measured the period between July 2015 and March 2016.

The number is interesting, giving that a previous report by PayPal and BigData Corp revealed that 55% of e-commerce websites in Brazil use Facebook ads for their main campaigns.

There is no surprise that referral traffic comes mainly from organic search and paid search, with 37% and 21%, respectively. This way, more than half of referring traffic comes from search. Email marketing is responsible for merely 5% of the e-commerce referring traffic.

The GDMA report also states that two-thirds of online e-commerce traffic in Brazil happened via desktop. Even though that is the majority, the remaining third of traffic coming from smartphones is impressive.

Affiperf and MediaMath disclose results of partnership in Brazil

Last year, MediaMath Brazil and Affiperf Brazil set a partnership in which advertisers could buy in-stream inventory from Dailymotion exchange (DMX) via open auction, private deals, or OpenRTB. One year later, the companies revealed some results they achieved with the partnership.

The CTR obtained was 36%, higher than the performance of other DSPs or video providers. The companies surpassed the goal to achieve at least 40-50% of video completion. According to Affiperf, the volume of segmented audience was also high — but no numbers were disclosed about number of users.

The results were measured with a pilot campaign, targeted to a specific audience target: women aged 25 years-old or older, in certain areas of Brazil.

Marcos Mendez, head of operations, Affiperf Brazil, said that the main objective of the pilot was to improve the performance of video campaigns to this client, a multinational consumer goods company, which has aggressive KPIs.

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