Happy New Year from Mobile Marketing Watch!

Happy New Year from Mobile Marketing Watch 300x205 Happy New Year from Mobile Marketing Watch!As 2013 draws to a close, we at Mobile Marketing Watch want to wish each of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. 2013 was an extraordinary period for our industry. The news that was made and the advancements at which we marveled will dramatically shape the even more remarkable year expected in 2014.

In 2013, MMW and our growing family of sister-sites powered by mobileStorm, a leading Communication Service Provider in mobile marketing, gained new ground. In the last twelve months, MMW has enjoyed record traffic while publishing more daily, weekly, and monthly original content than any other dedicated mobile marketing/advertising-related news source online.

MMW, which publishes an average of 10 original articles daily, regularly features guest contributed columns from executives and knowledgeable professionals across myriad industries. Our writers have also been featured in a wide variety of respected media outlets across the tech and business world, including VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Technorati, to name a few.

In addition to MMW, 2013 was also a growth-year for mHealthWatch, a daily provider of breaking news, analysis, and thought leadership pertinent to mHealth, telemedicine, and the role of all things digital in modern medicine, healthcare, marketing and communications.

MHW produces approximately 20 original reports per week and its monthly traffic has doubled since January.

Most recently, mobileStorm announced the launch of mGamingWatch.com, a progressive online resource dedicated entirely to mobile marketing in the casino gaming industry. This one-stop hub for all groundbreaking mobile marketing news and trends, mGamingWatch.com now provides pertinent industry commentary, tips, best practices and insights that are essential to navigate the fast-paced and competitive casino gaming segment.

Despite a competitive array of online news sources focused on the mobile channel today, our thriving troika of sites are unique in their comprehensive coverage across such diverse industries and will play a central role in the reporting of critical news and information across these spaces in the New Year.

If the incredible progress we witnessed across the mobile landscape in 2013 was any indication, next year is poised to be even more groundbreaking than we could have ever previously imagined.

Thank you for following MMW in 2013. We hope you will stay with us for an amazing year to come.

Happy New Year!

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