Google’s about-face on GDPR consent tool is monster win for ad-tech companies

In a reversal, Google said Thursday that publishers can now work with as many vendors as they like when using its content management platform, more commonly known as a CMP.

A CMP is a critical piece of software that helps websites comply with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation. It solicits visitors’ consent for various companies’ use of their data to improve site performance or personalize advertising. Publishers work with anywhere from two-dozen vendors to hundreds of them. But publishers that used Google’s CMP, called Funding Choices, were capped at working with just 12 vendors.

“Based on industry and customer feedback, we have decided to remove the 12-vendor limit for publishers that use Funding Choices to obtain user consent on their website,” a Google spokeswoman told Ad Age in an emailed statement.

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Lars M. B. Anthonisen is Global Account Lead @ Google. Previously, he held various digital marketing positions at media companies across Europe and Asia including Regional Digital Director at MediaCom APAC, CMO at Adform and Digital Manager at Universal McCann Worldwide.