Gift ‘time’ on Xmas: NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto to Sinagporeans

What do busy Singaporeans value most at Christmas? This was the question that NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Social@Ogilvy pondered as the brand geared up for the festive season.

By diving into historical shopper behaviour, Social@Ogilvy’s analytics team found that the themes of gifting, happiness and family togetherness flourished on social media platforms in Singapore during the festive season. However, these positive, heart-warming topics were often overshadowed by online conversations about Christmas sales and personal wish-lists. A key insight drawn from looking at social media chatter was that people tended to be less surprised with Christmas gifts as compared to presents received during other times of the year because of the high expectations associated with the season.

In a bid to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and enable family cohesiveness, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Social@Ogilvy created the Gift of Time, a series of videos which were launched in late November to encourage Singaporeans to prioritise their loved ones by being fully present and spending valuable time with them. The underlying message underscored the importance of gifting close ones with precious quality time, a present far more heartfelt and valuable than any material gift.

The video showcased the stories of three Singaporean families: a grandmother and her grandson, a young couple, and a family of three with a young child. Each story highlighted how a thoughtful, meaningful gesture could give the receiver great joy at Christmas.

Singaporeans have responded resoundingly – with the video capturing well over 400,000 views across the brand’s social networks. There have been over 200 shares of the videos within the first week and the series has collectively become the most viewed content for the brand in 2015.

The success of the series has also translated into a substantial 30 per cent increase in traffic to the brand’s web store and drove a spike of close to 10 per cent in machine sales on the web store.

“We’re extremely pleased that Singaporeans echo the values the brand stands for. We think that these NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto stories strike a chord among many during the festive season because it is a timely reminder that no matter how busy and hectic our lives are, bonding with our families and loved ones should never take a back seat – showing our love by giving time is ultimately what Christmas is all about,” says Chow Phee Chat, Communications Director for NESTLÉ Singapore.

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