Even ‘Santa’ Needs Google Helpouts

Anomaly presents its first work for Google Hangouts and Helpouts — and in keeping with the season, it’s all about Santa. Kris Kringle is the protagonist of the spot, and it looks like he lives a much less luxurious lifestyle than we previously thought, since with nary an elf in sight, he has to do all the prep for his travels himself. Thankfully, there’s Helpouts, the platform Google introduced in November that that combines Hangouts with Wallet, so you can speak to an “expert” who knows how to fix the problem you’re struggling with.

Santa happens to need some sewing advice, as well as what seems to be a vocal lesson. Then, he sets off on his journey — except it’s definitely not where you think it is.

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Lars M. B. Anthonisen is Global Account Lead @ Google. Previously, he held various digital marketing positions at media companies across Europe and Asia including Regional Digital Director at MediaCom APAC, CMO at Adform and Digital Manager at Universal McCann Worldwide.