Data pick of the day: Younger TG drive internet TV

Online television has played a key role in the increase of consumers’ time spent online. As internet becomes a key source of entertainment, it appears that the younger TG is driving consumption patterns here.

According to data from Global Web Index, 16-24 year olds are at the forefront of this trend, with 70 per cent saying they typically watch at least some online television on a daily basis. Following closely behind are the 25-34 year olds. More than a quarter of internet users in both age groups state they they’re regularly watching more than an hour of online TV each day.

The figures fall significantly in the 55-64 year old age group – only a third are engaging with online content, and just 10 per cent are watching more than an hour each day.

GWI 16-24 online TV

Via Digital Market Asia Mobile

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Lars M. B. Anthonisen is Global Account Lead @ Google. Previously, he held various digital marketing positions at media companies across Europe and Asia including Regional Digital Director at MediaCom APAC, CMO at Adform and Digital Manager at Universal McCann Worldwide.

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