Brands have fun with Pi Day on Twitter

Today is a big day for those of us who love science and baked goods. Not only was Albert Einstein born on this day, but March 14 is also known as Pi Day, because the numbers of the date (3/14) correspond to the first three digits of the mathematical constant (3.14).

Twitter is all abuzz with pi (and pie) jokes. And aside from the expected restaurants tweeting about pie specials, several other brands are getting creative with how they insert themselves into the Pi Day conversation.

A few of our favorites:

The White House

Pi is irrational but you shouldn’t be. #GeeksGetCovered at before March 31. Happy Pi Day!

— The White House OSTP (@whitehouseostp) March 14, 2014

Ever since President Obama’s appearance on “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifinakis, it’s become clear that the White House has found its millennial groove when it comes to flogging its Affordable Care Act. This tweet is light and funny, especially with the #GetGeeksCovered hashtag. Nice job, White House.

Cincinnati Reds

This is sort of like celebrating Pi Day.

— Reds (@Reds) March 14, 2014

See, even jocks can get in on some math humor.

General Electric

Which color did you land on? Tell us and we’ll respond with a fun fact in honor of #PiDay.

— General Electric (@generalelectric) March 14, 2014

Last year GE sent out 314 pies to tweeters using the GE-created hashtag #PiDay, so it’s not surprising that GE had something like this colorful Vine up its sleeve this year for Pi Day.

Regal Cinemas

Happy #PiDay!

— Regal Cinemas (@RegalMovies) March 14, 2014

We appreciate any reference to “American Pie” and its most memorable scene.


This A319 has a tail number that takes #PiDay to new heights! Math geek? Book + Trip = Today!

— Delta (@Delta) March 14, 2014

If this isn’t just a photoshop job, then kudos to Delta for finding a plane with the Pi numbers on its tail. Even if it is photoshop, it’s at least clever.

Adobe InDesign

In honor of #PiDay, we’ll show you how to create the Pi symbol in InDesign.. 6 different ways.

— Adobe InDesign (@InDesign) March 14, 2014

Instead of just saying “Happy Pi Day!” this is a nice example of a brand offering useful content to people.

…and then there’s this one from Hot Pockets:

#PiDay done HOT.

— Hot Pockets (@hotpockets) March 14, 2014

This guy recently went viral for knowing a thing or two about Hot Pockets — intimately. Might have been better for them to sit Pi Day out this year.

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